Monday, February 23, 2009


"It is better to give than to receive" is one of my favorite quotes. I especially love to mail surprise gifts to my friends and family.
There are some amazing GIFT ideas available from I thought I would take today's blog time to recognize a few of my favorites.

This cute little Gift Set is a great idea for Pet Owners - offered by LuckyDogTreatCompany, this set included specially formulated flea powder and doggie soap and comes carefully wrapped in a cute box set.

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Who doesn't love Marmalade? This set of homemade Marmalades includes 4 different flavors and is available from

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Don't forget about Dad, or even that special guy in your life! This is a fabulous gift set that includes a Shaving Cube, Stand AND Lotion for only $18.00 - available from

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I love the unique packaging on this Baby T-shirt gift set. In this set you'll receive three totally hip baby onesies in a keepsake wooden gift box (the crafty mom could do SO much with this box!) There are lots of designs to choose from and are available for $40.00 at

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It always stinks when you can't be with a friend on their birthday, but how about sending them a GIFT SET to let them know you are thinking of them on their special day? This box of birthday cookies is a delectable gift from

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We've had a small taste of SPRING here in Michigan this week. With temperatures rising into the 50's neighbors began venturing outside (most of whom I haven't seen in months!). The kids were able to put their snow pants and boots away for a few days and I was truly tempted to dig out the lawn chairs and pour a glass of lemonade. But....I snapped out of my tropical dream when I heard the weather report of snow headed our way soon. I thought it was fitting that the CABANA BOY Spice Blend was introduced in our shop this month - even with this long winter the CABANA BOY can take you away to Jamaica as you enjoy this mild Jamaican Jerk on chicken or pork. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm so excited to share the OFFICIAL Legend Spice Company website with everyone.
Tess and Julian at did an absolutely amazing job at creating this website. They truly went above and beyond my expectations! If you are ever in the market for a web site or any computer graphics (banners, avatars, etc.) I HIGHLY recommend this team of professionals who offer quality and efficient service at a completely affordable rate for all small and home based business, organizations and more. Feel free to contact me anytime for more details or a referral for them.

So...what do you think? I can't wait to hear your comments! Please make a comment here on this blog (see below), or by contacting me thru my new email address:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chicken Soup - just like Grandma made!

Grandma's Chicken Soup:

I get so many people asking me who that picture is on the label of Grandma's Chicken Soup. So I figured it was time to blog and tell the world that YES! That IS my Great Grandma.

My Great-Grandma Morris was the sweetest little lady - my personal memories of her include that she was quiet and small, very non-imposing. She always invited me to sit on her lap while she read me a book. However, my mother and her cousins have many different stories to tell.

Grandma and Grandpa Morris farmed in south-east Nebraska until their retirement. They were hard working, good hearted people who weren't afraid to get their hands dirty or to help a neighbor in need. Some years the crops brought in a profit, but other years the budget was stretched as thin as can be. A huge vegetable garden was kept to help feed the family throughout the year. Most everthing was canned or kept in the fruit cellar for later use.

Times were especially hard in the early 1900's and one year was the coldest anyone could recall. The siblings recalled having to form makeshift beds in the kitchen one night so the cookstove could keep them from freezing in their sleep. Even with this extra bit of heat the family woke up unexpectedly in the middle of the night to glass breaking and popping. Upon investigation, they found that some of the mason jars in the pantry got so cold the contents inside were freezing, causing the jars to break. Everyone hurridly brought the rest of the panty contents into the kitchen with them in order to save the rest of the food.

That story always comes to mind in the frigid cold days of winter, like most of the country is experiencing right now. While I will probably still complain about the icy roads and my cold fingers I do count my blessings for our furnace - and of course for all the sacrifices and hard times my Great Grandparents faced in rural Nebraska that many years ago.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blue Plate Special!


Stroll down mainstreet ....smell that wonderful aroma coming from the diner across the street? It's "Georgia's Blue Plate Special" .... mmmmm... the BEST meatloaf around!
A wonderful blend of herbs and spices fill this dish with down-home goodness, while a light brown sugar glaze gives it an honest goodness that will have everyone asking for second helpings!

Meatloaf has long been a staple in American kitchens, and now you can bring it home to your family with this easy to prepare meatloaf mix. Just add your choice of ground meat and enjoy! Many meatloaf recipes are rather time consuming, but who has time to mix and measure and still have dinner on the table in time. Try this mix for a fast meal - your family will think you spent all day in the kitchen.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Venison Anyone?


Like many of you across the country I live in a small town where 90% of the people go hunting each fall. Deer is the favorited game in Michigan and many people stock their freezers with Venison to help feed their family for the rest of the year. We're always looking for new ways to cook this low fat, healthy choice meat so I came up with a VENISON SEASONING dry rub. It is very flavorful with a slight smoky taste for an added "boost". It is great rubbed into Venison steaks or sprinkled on ground Venison for burgers.

The Legend I wrote for the label was meant to be a bit silly and to poke fun at all our "great white hunters" who head for the woods each fall. Many hunters in todays modern society spend days and lots of dollars getting ready to head into the woods for deer season each fall. If you've ever been in a sportsmans shop in October or November you'll know what I'm talking about. Bad economy? Not when it comes to deer hunting! One would think that all is needed is a good gun or bow, some ammunition, a warm coat and boots and a sack lunch. But, nooooooo....there is the instant glove heating packs, warming cushions to sit on while passing the time in a deer stand, deer urine (yes, they pay good money for this stuff!), spray on stuff that masks the human scent (I don't even want to know what that smells like since it's on the same shelf as the deer urine). And of course the right color camo clothes to hide yourself with the coordinating bright orange hats so everyone can see you and not mistake you for a deer hiding in the trees!

Ohhh...I do love Deer Hunting Season and my silly sense of humor hopefully portrays that in this latest Legend:
As you can see in the photograph I've included a very generous portion of this spice blend so you can enjoy it on more than one meal. Try it today!!