Thursday, January 8, 2009

Venison Anyone?


Like many of you across the country I live in a small town where 90% of the people go hunting each fall. Deer is the favorited game in Michigan and many people stock their freezers with Venison to help feed their family for the rest of the year. We're always looking for new ways to cook this low fat, healthy choice meat so I came up with a VENISON SEASONING dry rub. It is very flavorful with a slight smoky taste for an added "boost". It is great rubbed into Venison steaks or sprinkled on ground Venison for burgers.

The Legend I wrote for the label was meant to be a bit silly and to poke fun at all our "great white hunters" who head for the woods each fall. Many hunters in todays modern society spend days and lots of dollars getting ready to head into the woods for deer season each fall. If you've ever been in a sportsmans shop in October or November you'll know what I'm talking about. Bad economy? Not when it comes to deer hunting! One would think that all is needed is a good gun or bow, some ammunition, a warm coat and boots and a sack lunch. But, nooooooo....there is the instant glove heating packs, warming cushions to sit on while passing the time in a deer stand, deer urine (yes, they pay good money for this stuff!), spray on stuff that masks the human scent (I don't even want to know what that smells like since it's on the same shelf as the deer urine). And of course the right color camo clothes to hide yourself with the coordinating bright orange hats so everyone can see you and not mistake you for a deer hiding in the trees!

Ohhh...I do love Deer Hunting Season and my silly sense of humor hopefully portrays that in this latest Legend:
As you can see in the photograph I've included a very generous portion of this spice blend so you can enjoy it on more than one meal. Try it today!!

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