Tuesday, January 6, 2009

With the beginning of the New Year many people are making RESOLUTIONS to improve their lives somehow. Polls show that most resolutions include a vow to eating healthier. FISH is one of the better main dish choices you can make when chosing to eat healthy. However, a lot of people seem to be leary of buying or cooking fish simply because they don't know how to cook it properly. I developed the FAT MERMAID Sea Salt Seasoning Blend to be used on any choice of fish or seafood. In fact, I used this seasoning on our Salmon Steaks last night and the kids gobbled it up! I'm hoping they love it because it is so tasty, not because they associate it with The Little Mermaid (a favorite Disney movie).
Yes, we are DISNEY fans at our house - The Little Mermaid VHS tape completely wore out when my daughter was younger. After about 100 times of listening to this movie I began to get a little cynical about this castle under the sea and as my husband and I became more "Disnified" (comparable to stupified) the snarky comments began. Now..now...don't give me that look! Seriously! How can you ignore the fact that one of this girl's best friends is a CRAB! That's just open waters for a good joke! (pardon the pun). Ultimately, the FAT MERMAID was born in my mind - she is the Little Mermaid's lesser known sister. Disney doesn't show her because she was too busy in the kitchen of course! Thus, this SPICE BLEND was born. I invite you to try it out soon.
Still not sure about cooking fish? Here is a super easy recipe to follow:
1. Chose your favorite boneless fish fillet - For a mild, less fishy taste I like a simple "whitefish" or "perch" or sometimes "Salmon". (Trout or Bass are a little more fish-flavorful and also tasty choices). You can buy fish fresh or frozen - if you buy it fresh be sure to ask the guy behind the counter the date the fish you want was put out (sometimes the keep the fresher cuts behind the ones you see in the front of the case).
2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
3. Use a glass baking dish - spray with a non-stick cooking spray OR lightly coat with a cooking oil (I use Canola or Olive Oil)
4. Lay your fresh or frozen fish fillets in the baking dish (don't stack them).
5. Using a spoon, dip into this SPICE PACKET and sprinkle seasonings onto each Fillet. Use as much or as little as you like. (I use about 1 teaspoon per 4" fillet)
6. Bake for about 30 minutes - check often as the thickness of your fillet will determine actual cooking time. To see if the fish is ready, use a fork and pick at the corner of a fillet - if it comes apart in flakes, or layers then it is done. If it is still hard to pull apart then it needs to cook a little longer.
note: You can also cook your fish in a frying pan using this same method - cover your pan with a lid during cooking time to trap in the flavor and moisture. When the underside of the fillet is "done", use a spatula to flip it over and cook the other side. Test for doneness using a fork as explained above.

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  1. Great you have all this info on here... i just peeked in your etsy shop and love it... and with recipes right here I might have to try some of it :)